The Alexandria at Torrey Pines

4,850 SQ FT BASWA Phon 30mm & 40mm Classic Fine Finish

San Diego, California

Gensler San Diego

Acoustical Consultant
Rothermel Associates

General Contractor
DPR Construction

BASWA Phon Installer
Johnson, Finch, & McClure

The Alexandria at Torrey Pines located in the nucleus of a life science and technology corporate center, is a corporate amenity hub more reminiscent of your favorite hangout than of corporate offices. What was once a Pennysaver printing house, is now home to a corporate communal hub teeming with networking opportunities and decompression activities for the 1,600 tenants in the surrounding Alexandria corporate buildings.

The original idea for the facility came after Dan Ryan, executive vice president of Alexandria Real Estate Equities, visited a college campus and noticed the energy emanating from the student center. Ryan and the Alexandria team felt that if the setting could work for communities and educational institutions, it could also function in the private work sector. From there, the vision behind the Alexandria at Torrey Pines was formed. Whether hosting a symposium, coordinating a meeting, or seeking out a space for thought and decompression through various activities, The Alexandria has it all. The corporate community center is equipped with a fitness center, multi-function spaces, meeting rooms, a training center, a state of the art theater fitted for TED talks, and even a fine dining restaurant. Ultimately, Alexandria wanted to design a space capable of fostering networking and collaboration, while also providing decompression activities to stimulate ideas. Through providing the opportunity to socialize and network within the life science and technology communities the hope is to further cultivate ideas between the sector, therefore leading to innovation and further business growth.  However, as is true with most collaborative work environments, acoustics had to be strongly considered in order to foster collaboration with in the space, while not hindering performance due to noise level.

The client wanted a space that would rectify issues they had experienced in previous shared space, while also protecting the original design intent and aesthetic. This specific set of needs resulted in the specification of BASWA Phon Classic Fine in the project. Through sound absorption, BASWA Phon makes noise less impactful while also improving speech intelligibility through the manipulation of reverberation. Furthermore, the seamless design and application of BASWA Phon integrates into the original architectural design without tarnishing aesthetics. Ultimately, the Alexandria chose to apply a combination of wall and ceiling plaster to control noise level and speech intelligibility in the lobby and pre-function spaces throughout the building. The finished space provides the Alexandria at Torrey Pines and its occupants with a  beautifully designed, acoustically functional space to be enjoyed for any size event.



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