Gibson Island, Maryland

Gibson Island Boathouse

BASWA Phon 40mm Classic Fine

Gibson Island is a private community situated at the convergence of the Magothy River and Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The area itself is laid out according to the formal plan designed in 1922 by the acclaimed Olmsted Brothers of Brookline, Massachusetts. Gibson Island’s renovated Clubhouse and Boathouse are based on the original designs that were constructed in 1923 & 1924 by the Olmsted Brothers. However, sadly both buildings were later destroyed in a fire that took place in 1937. The objective of the renovation project was to return the architecture and facilities to those originally envisioned in the 1920’s design. Aside from bringing back to life the original design and intent of the Boathouse and Clubhouse, the current owners also sought to improve upon some areas in regards to guest experience.

Of primary concern was a nearly 1,000 square foot dining area in the boathouse which was designed with vaulted ceilings, as well as hardwood floors, therefore producing louder and more echoed sounds. To remedy this issue without changing the originally intended aesthetic, acoustical treatment was needed. BASWA Phon acoustical plaster was introduced into the project to create a more acoustically sound space that absorbs the echoes and reflected sound, making conversation clearer and creating a much more pleasurable dining experience for the Boathouse guests, without changing the desired aesthetic quality.



In reference to design and functionality, Kevin McKean of Bradleigh Application was quoted as saying, “the line between aesthetic intent and system performance can often become blurred, working with and understanding these challenges is where the team members at BASWA acoustic North America excel.”

Furthermore, McKean spoke of the BASWA acoustic in high regards, stating that, “BASWA exemplifies service through and through while maintaining system standards, performance and guidelines above all else.”  Through McKean’s experience, it is rare to use the term “perfect client” however, there is no other term worthy of the staff and administration found at Gibson Island. When asked, “what went right”, Kevin’s response was simply, “everything.” “Procurement to closeout, sample submissions to installation all team members at BASWA acoustic and Bradleigh Applications, Inc. gave to this project what they give every single day, 110%.”

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Gibson Island Boathouse

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