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The BASWA acoustical plaster system is designed to reduce excessive ambient sound in a space to foster intentional human interaction and improve on the occupant’s overall experience within sophisticated architectural concepts. BASWA Phon Sound Absorbing Plaster seamlessly integrates without compromising design to create a sustainability-minded, acoustically comfortable space benefitting energy efficiency, productivity, health and wellbeing.

Acoustical Plaster in Education and University Projects

Education and University

Research shows acoustics as one of the leading elements to consider in a classroom or learning setting. Acoustics can be manipulated in lecture halls or study rooms to mitigate noise, positively impacting learning, speech perception, and teacher facilitation.

Acoustical Plaster in Restaurant


The proper acoustics compliment any dining experience. Using BASWA Sound Absorbing Plaster Systems, intentional sound, like guest conversation at a table, is more intelligible without losing background sound ambience. Excessive noise has also been shown to change the perceived taste of food.

Acoustical Plaster in Performing Arts

Performing Arts

By absorbing excess reverberation typical within a large performing arts or auditorium space, guests are able to connect and immerse in the art they’ve come to experience. Adjacent event space or practice / rehearsal rooms benefit greatly from consideration as well.

Make every seat the best seat in the house with optimal acoustics achieved through sound absorption.

Acoustical Plaster in Museum


Architecture in the modern museum has dramatically changed with the emergence of exhibits characterized by audio systems, coupled with hard surfaces and vaulted ceilings. By utilizing sound absorbing ceiling or walls, local sound in galleries or planetariums is made intelligible without adding to environmental noise or sacrificing design.


Create beautiful, tranquil spaces that allow for guest enjoyment while maintaining sound isolation. In the hotel setting, BASWA Phon mitigates lobby, atrium, or event space noise that could be disruptive to hotel guests while making guest connections more intelligible.

Acoustical Plaster in Hotel
Acoustical Plaster in Office


By reducing reverberant sounds within the corporate environment, BASWA Systems create productive offices, boardroom and conference room spaces, fostering intentional conversation and collaboration. Additionally, the system's high density marble aggregate finish coat reflects natural light, further benefiting employee wellbeing and productivity.

Acoustical Plaster in Historical Renovation

Historical Renovation

Utilizing BASWA Phon in historical places and retrofits preserves the architectural integrity of the historical space while improving acoustics for renewed function. The installation method of BASWA Phon Sound Absorbing Plaster allows for the introduction of acoustic material without disturbing existing architecture.

Acoustical Plaster in Healthcare


In healthcare and medical facilities, the acoustic environment and natural light have been found to be paramount to patient healing. BASWA acoustical plaster systems create the tranquility conducive to recovery while optimizing natural light presence due to the high-density marble aggregate finish’s highly reflective surface.

Spas and Pools

The  system is non-water soluble and maintains efficacy even in high-humidity environments, such as pool rooms, spas, natatoriums, and porte-cocheres. BASWA Phon is seamlessly integrated to achieve tranquility without worry of mold or mildew.

Acoustical Plaster in Spa and Pool
Acoustical Plaster in Library


When focus and productivity matter, the introduction of sound absorbing materials supports the ideal study and learning environment. BASWA Systems absorb excessive reverberant sound through open spaces and reading rooms to positively impact reading comprehension and wellbeing within libraries.


Within airport terminals, train stations, and other transportation centers, speech intelligibility is integral to the traveling process. By making speech more intelligible in the midst of bustling crowds, BASWA Phon benefits the traveling process by making public announcements such as unexpected delays or transit changes audible.

Acoustical Plaster in Airport and Train Station
Acoustical Plaster in Courthouse


Speech intelligibility in the courtroom setting is paramount to judicial proceedings. By absorbing reverberation within the courtroom, BASWA Phon helps to ensure that speech is heard clearly despite an array of hard surfaces typical within the courtroom.


Reducing echoes and unwanted reverberant sound in worship and church spaces allows the congregation to better comprehend and connect. Where community is cornerstone in such spaces, making spoken interactions more intelligible is made possible with the inclusion of sound absorbing plaster systems.

Acoustical Plaster in Church or Temple
Acoustical Plaster in Retail


In retail spaces that are often-times higher traffic, BASWA Phon absorbs excessive reverberant sound which is conducive to lowering stress and anxiety, positively impacting the experience and wellbeing of shoppers.

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Overland Partners
Baylor University Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation

"The design of the atrium as well as the BASWA Phon product helped create a comfortable acoustical environment that greatly improves social interaction and overall occupant comfort. Furthermore, the overall acoustical performance within the atrium provides the Baylor Business School with the flexibility to utilize this inspirational space for a variety of function."

"For over a decade Angelini Plastering been installing acoustic plaster systems, including each of the top three brands. Aside from the outstanding performance BASWA Phon provides, even more importantly to my company, is the relationship with BASWA acoustic. They always have the first pulse on projects in my region and offer top technical support in the field. I can’t begin to express how rapidly they turn out submittals, LEED information, SDS, and color coded detailed RCPs. We feel as though we are one big team."

Scott Angelini
Owner, Angelini Plastering, Inc.

"The systems we installed in our new café and conference room are incredible. Everyone who experiences the space is slack jawed. Many of the other tenants in our building experience sound issues and are excited to use the product in their spaces as well."

Max Newroth
Project Manager, Evergreen Architectural Arts

"We were happy to be able to use BASWA Phon, as it completely transformed the space. Having experience with a competitor, we know BASWA Phon is a superior product without question."

Rory Zimmer
Designer/Project Manager, CJS Architects
Charlotte High School

"Accurate Acoustical has nothing but good things to say about BASWA Phon. The installation training and technical support was excellent. It was our first time using BASWA products and our installers with your field training did a great job. The project turned out great."

Jerry O’Keefe
Project Manager, Accurate Acoustical, Inc.
Charlotte High School

"BASWA has the very finest technical service department of any of the many products we install… and I’m not just talking about acoustical plaster, but any plaster system."

Terry Roberts
Designer/Project Manager, CJS Architects
Project Manager, Triangle Plastering

"Because OCP Contractors was already a Certified Installer, we were able to self-perform the work and it helped get the job awarded to OCP. We were glad we could provide the owner with an exceptional product that changed the dynamics of the space."

Project Manager, OCP Contractors
Cleveland Institute of Music, Mixon Hall

"The appropriate acoustical environment for speech privacy in the open office area was critical to creating a successful space for Gehry Partners’ design team. The office layout was designed without workspace dividers. Although the desks were relatively far apart, the ambient noise due to HVAC (typically offering “white noise” masking) would be very low. Speech privacy was clearly going to be an issue. Compared to the other options that were being entertained, BASWA Phon had the highest sound absorption properties and offered Gehry’s team the clean, uncluttered, monolithic ceiling design they required. We were very pleased with the quality of workmanship within these areas; the open office acoustics are exceptional and we understand the users are very pleased."

David Conant
Principal & Owner, McKay Conant Hoover, Inc.
Novartis Headquarters

"BASWA Phon provided Siebein Associates with a seamless sound absorbent surface that met HOK’s design intent while offering exceptional performance which helped to reduce focused sound reflections, reduce overall reverberant noise levels and control the transmission of sounds from one level to another in the large open volume of the atrium maintaining manageable sound levels even on busy days."

Gary Siebein
Senior Principal Consultant, Siebein Associates, Inc.
Dali Museum

"BASWA Phon is a great product that allowed us to create an all-glass circular party room for 600 people where they can actually hear each other talk! The appearance of the great inverted dome is seamless. We asked for an 'impossible' blurred color transition at the edges. Developing a new spray technique to satisfy our request, BASWA acoustic's skilled Certified Installers executed our design beautifully."

Sara Capels
Principal, Capels Jefferson Architects PC
Queens Theater in the Park

"Even on the very crowded opening days and events of last week, the sound absorption worked marvelously. Bravo."

Yann Weymout
Senior VP & Director of Design, HOK
Dali Museum

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