Installing BASWA Phon

Installed With High Quality Craftsmanship

The BASWA Certified Installers team is skillfully trained and closely supported to ensure the seamless integration of the BASWA System. BASWA certified and trained installers are supported by a technical team and continuous education developed to ensure the delivery of quality, high performing acoustical plaster systems.  

In the proper setting, drying time between coats is overnight, with overall installation typically being complete in 4-5 days.

Installation Process

Acoustical Plaster Installation

1. Preparing the surface

BASWA systems are lightweight and can be adhered directly onto any stable substrate including concrete or suspended substructures. (Contact BASWA on approved substrates.)

Joints and voids simply need to be taped to create a sealed substrate. HVAC diffusers, fire sprinkler heads and light fixtures are roughed in below the gypsum board to the finished ceiling height.

2. Adhering the acoustic panels

The BASWA System acoustic panels are easily applied to the stable substrate with an adhesive. Once the adhesive is applied to the panel, make sure the panel is entirely in contact with the substrate and all edges are aligned.

To conform to curved or domed surfaces, the BASWA Phon panels are factory scored in one or two directions, and prepared accordingly on site and flexed to meet the unique shape.

Acoustical Plaster Installation
Acoustical Plaster Installation

3. Filling the joints

After panels are adhered, the beveled edges will create a visible groove between the panels. Trim will then be adhered to the joints and filled with BASWA Fill to both fill in the groove and cover the trim. The surface is then sanded so that it is seamless.

4. Applying the color

The unique surface color, whether standard or specially matched and chosen, is manufactured in a controlled environment and sent to the jobsite for mixing. A vial of BASWA Tint Additive is simply added to each pail of the BASWA coatings and carefully batched to ensure a consistent finished color. Batch enough buckets for the entire area edge to edge.

Acoustical Plaster Installation
Acoustical Plaster Installation

5. Application of the base coat

When the surface is completely dry and sanded smooth, a certified and trained BASWA Installer skillfully applies the base coat to ensure a monolithic finish. The base coat can be trowel applied, or a spray pump can be used for a faster application with less waste. In single-layer systems, this is the final layer. Once applied, the base coat is carefully gauged with a notched trowel to ensure that uniform layer of a specified quantity is present. The gauged layer is then smoothed out. When dry, the base coat can be sanded before the finish coat is applied.

6. Application of the final layer

After drying of the previous step is complete, the final layer is skillfully installed. Bringing seamless sound absorption to the space, while maintaining an aesthetic appeal and contributing to wellbeing.

Acoustical Plaster Installation

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