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BASWA Phon is an acoustical plaster system that seamlessly integrates into any ceiling or wall to absorb sound and create an acoustically comfortable space that promotes wellbeing. 

Use this interactive tool to customize the BASWA Phon System for your next project. Once your customization is complete you can save it for later reference, or contact the BASWA team to learn more.

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Draftless, noise-free heating and cooling combined with high performance acoustic sound absorption. The BASWA Cool system can be integrated into any design to provide invisible temperature control and sound improvement within any space.

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Utilized with TABS ceilings (thermo-active component systems). The BASWA Phon Core system utilizes water as a heating and cooling method while also providing sound absorption. Seamlessly climate control and acoustics to complement healthy architecture.

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Classic Fine Finish

Our smoothest, finest marble aggregate, finish troweled in two coats. Sourced from quality raw materials to deliver monolithic aesthetics. Available in any color or texture.

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Classic Base Finish

Washable, mold & mildew resistant, troweled smooth finish. Ideal in high humidity areas to deliver seamless acoustics bringing acoustic comfort to any space seamlessly. Available in any color or texture.

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Fine Finish

Our single coat, finest marble aggregate, troweled finish. Ideal for condensed schedules in spaces without significant critical lighting. Available in any color or texture.

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Base Finish

A single coat, smooth marble aggregate finish. Ideal in high humidity areas being completed on a condensed schedule without significant critical light. Available in any color or texture.

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Custom Finishes

Custom hand trowled finishes trowel or spray applied to meet any unique design. Available in any color or texture.

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BASWA Clean renews any soiled BASWA installation to its original white by cleaning inside and out. Using oxidation technology that makes stains soluble in water, emulsifies oils, and lifts stains off surfaces, eliminating and deodorizing organic stains.

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BASWA Fresh is a surface refreshing spray used for either small or large area restoration of surfaces with visible color alterations due to excessive dirt or staining. By applying the BASWA Fresh solution, the original color of the installation can be maintained.

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BASWA Protect

Protect repels water and dirt from BASWA Plasters without creating a bridging layer to influence sound absorption characteristics or cause discoloration.

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BASWA Colors

BASWA Finishes can be integrally tinted to match any design intent by adding BASWA Colors Tint Additives. Given the porous properties of BASWA Finishes, each color recipe is visually compared with the original color swatch by the BASWA Techinical Department.

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BASWA Shine is an acoustically transparent shimmer additive sprayed directly onto a completed BASWA System installation. The intensity of the shimmer effect can be chosen according to design intent; ranging from a slight sparkle or stunning, intense shimmer.

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BASWA Sonic hi-fidelity flat panel concealed speakers integrate invisibly and seamlessly into any BASWA System, indoors or out, transforming a seamless ceiling into both a robust audio system and high performance sound absorber. Noise traveling into the ceiling is absorbed, while audio sound waves traveling out of the system are unobstructed and vibrant.

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Excellent workmanship is top priority for BASWA acoustic which allows for ambitious quality standards. BASWA acoustic looks for only quality, experienced, and well-trained companies to certify on the specialized application technology of BASWA acoustic Systems. BASWA installation technology combines traditional craftsmanship, innovative technologies and materials, as well as specialty equipment.

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BASWA Trims are specially designed to be integrated into BASWA systems. BASWA Trims are made from rigid PVC and have a 1 3/4” wide mud leg with triangular die cuts as well as an elongated pointed mud bump. Utilizing BASWA Trims, a clean edge profile is consistently achieved with the BASWA system.

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BASWA Hybrid

A fiber reinforced panel designed for acoustic absorption targeted at high frequencies. Achieve clear sound without sacrificing beautiful architecture. This system can be utilized in conjunction with the BASWA Phon system to provide ceiling to floor monolithic aesthetics in high traffic areas.  

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