Mandeville, LA

Our Lady of the Lake

5,600 SF 40mm BASWA Phon Classic Fine

Situated 35 miles north of New Orleans is the stunning Our Lady of the Lake Church, originally established in 1850, the parish is adorned in contemporary Gothic architecture indicative of the parish’s vibrant 150-year-old history.

While the church’s ornate architecture left many awe-struck, the acoustics within the space made services meant to move a congregation, oftentimes difficult to understand. An amalgamation of domed structures, hard surfaces, and sanctuary size contributed to increased reverberation times within the space, therefore, compromising speech intelligibility.

Remedying acoustical issues within the space was of great importance, however, of primary concern was the protection of the church’s original architecture during the process. BASWA Phon Sound Absorbing Plaster was ideal for application within the church due to its sound absorbing qualities and ease of integration into the historical church.


The BASWA installation at Our Lady of the Lake has been an outstanding success. This venerable old church had the most annoying echo problems since it's construction in 1951. BASWA Phon as an acoustic solution was certainly correct for us.

Father Mark Lomax, Church pastor

It is pleasing to the eye as well as to the ear. I hope that other facilities with acoustic problems such as we had will benefit from your quality product and service. The work of your company has been a blessing to our congregation and to me.

Father Mark Lomax, Church pastor

BASWA Phon’s sound absorbing technology significantly reduces reverberation within a space thereby making intentional sounds more intelligible while reducing unwanted noise such as long echoes. Furthermore, BASWA Phon’s ability to integrate into the existing historic architecture without compromising the original design was paramount to the project. The installation process of BASWA Phon allows for design and ceiling height to be unaltered. Additionally, the existing ceiling is completely encapsulated, including asbestos.

By reducing reverberant sounds in the space, BASWA Phon creates intelligible speech during sermons and amplifies the robust sounds of a choir. The utilization of BASWA Phon not only connects visitors to sermons but also preserves the architectural beauty of the historical place.  

Discover why BASWA Phon is ideal for use in historical renovation. To learn more about the BASWA Phon System used in the Our Lady of the Lake Church, click here. Or contact us directly to speak to a dedicated member of our team.

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Our Lady of the Lake

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