Rosenthal Contemporary Arts Center

Classic Fine Finish on Gallery Ceilings

Cincinnati, OH

Zaha Hadid

Acoustical Consultant
Arup Acoustical Consultants

The Rosenthal Contemporary Arts Center, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, was designed by celebrated architect Zaha Hadid and has become a mecca for emerging artists and art patrons in the mid-west.

The striking architectural spaces created by the exposed poured concrete floor merging into the curved wall at the lobby entrance created a visual ‘snowboarding” effect, as well as a focused reflected sound hotspot.

Exposed structural steel and a four story atrium created an environment that ARUP Acoustical identified as a potential acoustical nightmare. By recommending application of BASWA Phon in the ceilings of the main open areas, the nightmare was alleviated. Patrons enjoy art and architecture in an acoustically tuned pleasant urban space.



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