Bar Boulud Restaurant

Frosted Finish on Arched Semi Circle Ceiling & Walls

New York City, NY

Design Bureaux Architects

Fast Track Construction

Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste and Sound. Restaurant design considerations must span all five senses. The service industry is rapidly expanding into a high end finish market. Dining is continually becoming more sophisticated with a higher percentage of the affluent clientele eating outside of the home more often. Creating a comfortable stress free environment will be noticed by the elite.

Bar Boulud’s architect, Thomas Schlesser of Design Bureaux, the winner of the James Beard Foundation “Best Restaurant Design” awards in 2002 and 2005, created a “linear tunnel” with amazing up-lighting and wall lighting effects to draw in customers into the long narrow space. BASWA Phon enabled the space to function without the disastrous acoustical focusing created by a vault.

Daniel Boulud is so pleased with the aesthetic results and the often commented on acoustical elegance this space that he commissioned the design of two additional establishments.



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