Miami, FL

New World Center

BASWA Phon 70mm Classic Fine Finish

The BASWA Phon Finishes were spray applied onto the curved floating sails of the Miami’s New World Center project. The designers needed a smooth surface with very specific amounts of sound absorption in very specific high-frequency hertz bands.

In addition to the acoustical considerations, the finished surface, integrally pigmented to match “China White”, is used as the backdrop to project changing visual landscapes.

BASWA Phon’s Local Certified Contractor, International Acoustics Company, efficiently and economically spray-applied two 0.1” thick coatings of Base 407 over a level 4 finished gypsum board surface primed with USG Tuff Hide.

They achieve a perfectly even, very light sand finished surface, installed on-time, meeting a demanding schedule, exceeding expectations.



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New World Center

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