Newport Beach, CA

Pelican Hill Resort

Classic Fine and Classic Base Finishes on Ceilings and/or Walls of Golf Clubhouse, Spa & Pool Grill and Villa Clubhouse

The 504-acre, Andrea Paladino Renaissance Venice inspired Pelican Hill Resort boasts a Tom Fazio designed, 36-hole golf course, a 23,ooo square-foot spa, five restaurants, 128 villas, 204 bungalows, and a 136-foot diameter coliseum pool. The resort’s motto, “The Possibility of Perfection,” wholly describes the renovation completed in 2008.

Andrew Skurman Architects recognized very early in the design development stage that an important factor in creating the ambiance associated with an exclusive high profile spa and golf course was not only the visual experience, but also the much subtler, though equally important, auditory experience. Recognizing that the complex high-vaulted, domed and arched ceiling designs created unique reflections and elongated reverberation times, Skurman commissioned Mestre Greve Acoustical Consultants, to review and recommend sound absorbing products compatible with the warm-colored traditional plaster finishes encompassing the envisioned design.

Mestre Greve Associates analyzed the spaces and reviewed the complex acoustical objective. They specified that the BASWA Phon Seamless Sound Absorbing Plaster System be applied to the majority of the public area ceilings, most of which were either domed, arched or a combination of complex, intersecting ceilings. This created acoustically sound pleasant spaces without compromising the traditional design intent.



In the moist environment of the spa areas, the Classic Base Finish provided a solution which gives designers and acoustical consultants a product that is seamless as well as water, mold and moisture resistant, with no organic materials in the composition whatsoever.

Rice Drywall, The Raymond Group and John Jory Corporation, all Interior Contractors in Southern California, each installed BASWA Phon in specific buildings within the Resort Complex. Completed over a one-year period, all three contractors were trained on-site by BASWA sound absorbing acoustics specialized Certified Trainer employees.

All installations were performed under very tight budget and schedule constraints. Designers took advantage of BASWA Phon’s ability to be integrally pigmented; sophisticated slight variations of the warm color pallets provided a finished look of traditional plasters aged over time.

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Pelican Hill Resort

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