Denver, CO

Union Station Great Hall

BASWA phon 70mm Frosted Finish

When Jim Borzym of Borzym Acoustics, located in Boulder, Colorado was requested to review the acoustical challenges presented by the historical renovation of the Denver Union Station, he immediately brought BASWA Phon to the table for consideration in the Great Hall space.

Per Borzym’s recommendation, 17,000 square feet of the BASWA Phon 70mm thick acoustical plaster system was installed on the barrell-vaulted ceiling by BASWA Phon Certified Installers, Heggem – Lundquist, a Denver based company that specializes in fine painting, plastering and decorating. The 70mm system provided the greatest sound absorption of low and high frequencies. This allowed Borzym to maintain the ambiance of the original Great Hall space which now can accommodate hundreds of people in a comfortable acoustical environment.

BASWA Phon is commonly used for such renovations due to its ability to allow the designers to retain the original aesthetics of an acoustical plaster ceiling while upgrading the acoustical quality significantly. Additionally, the ability of BASWA Phon to accommodate curves distinguishes it from other products.



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Union Station Great Hall

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