Private Residence Home Theater

Whether a single-family home or a condominium, most homeowners appreciate the ability to enter their homes and escape the noisy world around them. Having a material like the BASWA Phon Seamless Sound Absorbing Plaster System that can produce the appearance of traditional plastering in homes while providing a much greater level of acoustic control, provides homeowners a much more serene living environment.

“Activity” spaces throughout residences, especially the higher-end homes, have also expanded to include home theaters, audio listening rooms, live music rooms, recording studios, bowling lanes, ballrooms, shooting galleries, recreation rooms, spas and just about anything else that a homeowner might be able to dream up. All of these types of spaces greatly benefit from having sound-absorbent materials for part or all of their interior acoustic solution. In some cases, the material only serves to reduce the level of conversational speech where others require more careful control over full frequency sound. BASWA Phon sound absorbing plaster can be designed in various ways to achieve the appropriate acoustical balance in a room.



Home theater designer Sam Cavitt of Media Environmental Designs takes doors, windows and HVAC, which are all often overlooked, into consideration. Electronic sound enhancement and acoustical absorption also need attention. Considering that home theater designers hope to create a private theater experience that has all the amenities of a public theater, they must produce a space that will put you into a movie with minimal distractions while offering the luxury of being in your own home.

One of Designer Cavitt’s objectives of a home theater is to reconstruct the same sound that the music director heard when the soundtrack was recorded. However, each room will add its own qualities to a given sound, and the same speaker can sound differently from space to space. Materials used and design intent will not always contribute positively to the acoustics of the room. Seating choices, wall material, art and accessories all play a part aside from placement of speakers.

Cavitt’s designs are award-winning and unique and quite often will include BASWA Phon applications. Since BASWA Phon looks like plaster or painted drywall, no intrusive or distracting acoustic solutions need to be used. Such an application can eliminate unnecessary reverberations.

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Private Residence Home Theater

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