Completed April 2006

The Guthrie Theater

Minneapolis, MN

Design Architect
Durrant Group, Inc.

Acoustical Consultant
The Talaske Group

General Contractor Installer
Olympic Wall Systems

Opened in June of 2006, Cue at the Guthrie Theater is an experience in and of itself. The restaurant and bar is located on the street level of the Guthrie in downtown Minneapolis' historic Mill District, on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Featuring 25-foot ceilings, views of the Mississippi River, and a U-shaped cooking island in the dining area, the Cue creates drama that rivals the performances customers enjoy after their meal. Even the orientation of the ceiling beams and lighting creates spotlights on the dining room floor where customers can feel the power of the stage.

Adding hard-floor surface and a large floor-to-ceiling glass wall to this space created a potentially disastrous acoustical space for the Durrant Group.

BASWA acoustic worked with the Durrant Group's office to develop the specification and ensured, from budgeting through installation, that when potential issues arose, everyone involved with the project was aware of the catastrophic acoustical issues inherent in the striking design.

The Talaske Group was consulted to solve the acoustical problem. Talaske analyzed the space and reviewed Durrant's "sleek" design intent. They recommended that the BASWA Phon Acoustical Finish System be applied to the curved circular ceiling and the curved vertical soffit areas. This was calculated to dramatically increase the absorption of reflected sounds and drastically reduce the reverberation time.

Lee Grauf of Olympic Wall Systems Inc. located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is one of Sound Solutions' oldest Certified BASWA Phon installers. He was contracted to install 4,000 square feet of the flexible 30mm BASWA Phon system. Noting the curved element and the critical lighting created from the adjacent windows, the Classic Base "Light Sand Finish" was used in order to diffuse any minor irregularities in the finished surface.

The Classic Base Finish allowed Olympic to increase productivity as well as profitability while delivering a superior finished product to the owner without any punch list or call back issues.

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