Sound Absorption

BASWA Phon Sound Absorbing Plaster System is a Premium Acoustical System

Absorption materials are used to control sound within a space. Acoustically absorptive materials are typically rated with an NRC Rating. Sound absorptive products can be used to control harsh reflections, reduce reverberation time, or eliminate echo. Sound absorptive products can also be used to reduce the propagation of sound in otherwise open areas (i.e., down a long hallway). Acoustic absorption products come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. BASWA Phon is utilized for noise absorption or sound dampening. The BASWA Phon acoustic system is an innovative, mineral-based product line designed for controlling sound reverberation time. The system is comprised of a pre-coated mineral fiber panel which is adhered onto a stable substrate and is then seamlessly coated with a micro-porous marble coating.

How BASWA Phon Works

High frequency sound absorption is accomplished by allowing sound wave energy to pass through the micro pores in the finished surface thereafter dissipating into heat energy in the mineral wool. Low frequency sound absorption is accomplished by sound wave energy hitting the mass of mineral particles on the finished surface, causing the finished "skin" to vibrate in a diaphragmatic action against the mineral wool backing which creates a spring action, again transforming sound energy into heat energy in the mineral wool.

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