Acoustical Engineers

Room acoustics can be specifically tuned to for the use of the space, making its design a true success the first time around. A room intended for music is not acoustically treated similarly to a room intended for speech or a space intended for large gatherings. BASWA acoustic works closely with hundreds of Acoustical Engineering and Consulting firms all over the world to solve sound concerns of owners and deisgners. Utilizing the knowledge of an Acoustical Consultant Firm allows for the acoustical mapping of a space before it is built. Architectural plans are utlized in unique programs which can let an owner or designer know of any trouble areas and allow for proper specification of acoustical products. 

What is Acoustical Engineering? 

This discipline is closely involved with architectural acoustics, the science of sound and vibration. Acoustical engineers are typically concerned with:
    +  How to reduce unwanted sounds;
    +  How to keep wanted sounds useful, clear, and tuned;
    +  Properly directing sound throughout a space.

The art of reducing unwanted sounds is called noise control. Noise control engineers work with engineers in most industries to ensure that their products and processes are appropriately reverberant or quiet. There is also a great deal of work done with the assessment and design of buildings, workplaces, airports, road systems in fact most noise generating or noise sensitive developments. There are many construction standards and documents directing what levels of performance must be achieved for each condition.

BASWA acoustic North America works with acoustical engineers services and support to a variety of business, industry, government, and institutional clients, including:

    +  Airports
    +  Auditoriums
    +  Ballrooms
    +  Boardrooms
    +  Broadcast Studios
    +  Churches
    +  Cinemas
    +  Classrooms
    +  Concert Halls
    +  Conference Rooms
    +  Courtrooms
    +  Financial Exchanges
    +  Historical Restorations
    +  Home Theaters
    +  Hospitals
    +  Learning Centers & Libraries
    +  Living Spaces
    +  Lobbies
    +  Museums
    +  Music Rehearsal Rooms
    +  Recording Studios
    +  Restaurants
    +  Spas and Natatoriums

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