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Yielding Best BASWA Trim & BASWA Fill Coverage

May 16, 2024

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Proper Installation of BASWA Trims to Achieve Coverage

When preparing for your BASWA Phon installation, it's important to understand appropriate material coverages and material application so that your team can be efficient from ordering to completed installation. 

Based on project drawings, project square footage, and linear footage of trims the BASWA acoustic Contractor Sales team recommends the appropriate material quantities for your team to successfully complete the installation. It is imperative that installation guidelines are strictly adhered to in order for your team to render the appropriate yield for the material.

Below learn the installation guidelines to guarantee BASWA Fill coverage of BASWA trims.

NOTE: Always remember that when ordering pre-fill your team should account for the filling of panels as well as the filling of trims.

1. Use the proper trims. BASWA Trims must be used to accomplish adequate adhesion. Use of other trims can not be warrantied. View the full line of BASWA Trims. 

2. Cut the trim to length & dry fit.Cut the trim to the length of the application area and dry fit against the BASWA Phon supporting panel to ensure full trim coverage of the edge.

3.Apply spray adhesive.Spray the area to receive the vinyl trim as well as the back of the trim with the Trim-Tex 847 spray adhesive. Let dry until tacky. NOTE:One can of Trim-Tex 847 spray will install 6-8 pieces of trim. This is the only spray approved for use by BASWA acoustic.

4. Install trim.Once tacky, install trim into fitted position and press firmly along all edges of the trim to secure it to the supporting panel surface. Before transitioning to a new area, make sure all trim edges are securely in contact.

5. Fill trim with BASWA Pre-Fill. After securing the trim, use BASWA Pre-Fill to cover the surface of the trim before application of Base or Fine materials. The BASWA acoustic Contractor Sales team will recommend the appropriate material ordering of pre-fill based on the linear footage of trims being installed. 

For dark-tinted applications: If a dark color is specified, it is recommended to paint the exposed edges of the white vinyl trims using matching trim paint supplied by BASWA acoustic. After all areas are entirely coated by the dry and sanded base coat, but before the specified finish is applied, apply paint with a sponge brush, small roller, or paint sprayer, It is suggested to mask off BASWA Base areas to avoid negatively affecting acoustical properties.

For additional technical support or installation guidelines, please contact us at 855.902.2792. 

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