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INFOGRAPHIC // Sustainability Matters

May 16, 2024

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BASWA acoustic is committed to sustainability, from manufacturing to finished product.

We continuously innovate with ecological improvement in mind to conform to our environmental values. BASWA uses natural and recycled materials, optimized production with heat-recovery, and formaldehyde & solvent-free binders.

BASWA Phon Panels contain 92% natural and recycled materials, made from recycled glass; only 8% is synthetic materials. Finish materials contain 95% recycled materials, made from aggregate produced during marble stone extraction. The organic binders are formaldehyde & soluble free.


BASWA Systems are VOC free, complying with CA Section 01350. BASWA Finishes offer high light reflectance, with an average light reflectance L Value of 0.91 per ASTM E1477. BASWA Phon System R-values reach 11.66. Cleaning & maintenance of BASWA Systems require no harmful cleaners or chemicals. BASWA acoustic North America offers US Made systems components.


As sustainability research continues, BASWA acoustic continues to comply with changing guidelines and regulations; including LEED, WELL, and Portico. HPDs and Declare Labels are available for all products.

All BASWA acoustic system component testing is performed by certified third party labs. Certified test data reports are available upon request.


To learn more about BASWA acoustic LEED V4 Certification Contributions, click here


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