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Receiving your BASWA acoustic Material Shipment

May 16, 2024

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BASWA takes utmost care ensuring shipments are properly pulled, packaged, and wrapped for delivery to the job site. Prior to finalizing delivery, it is imperative that the on-site contact receiving and unloading the shipment ensures its accuracy and good condition.

To ensure your project needs are met quickly and efficiently, the following should be considered.

1. Appoint an on-site contact
Appoint an on-site contact for material shipments. The on-site contact should be made aware of the estimated delivery date, the instructions for receiving, and have an order confirmation for reference. 

2. Inspect materials for inventory and damage
Upon material arrival, the on-site contact should thoroughly inspect the shipment. Each shipment is accompanied with a packing list matching the signed and approved order confirmation. Inspect all materials to be sure they are received and without damage.

3. Check for frozen materials
During cold weather deliveries, all buckets and fill sausages should be inspected to ensure they have not frozen during transit. *During cold weather, orders are shipped with freeze protection. Learn more about freeze protection shipping here.

4. Sign the BOL
Sign the Bill of Lading presented by the delivery driver. Though it is rare, should there be any missing, damaged or frozen materials they must be noted on the BOL prior to signing. This allows for a quick, simple claim submission to the delivering company.

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