Introducing BASWA Hybrid & BASWA Protect

May 16, 2024

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BASWA Hybrid

BASWA Hybrid

Intended for tuning performance spaces, BASWA Hybrid is directly applied to a stable substrate to control high frequency sounds. BASWA Hybrid can be used in congruency with other BASWA Panels to acheive ceiling to floor monolithic aesthetics with high durability for higher impact surfaces.

Learn more about BASWA Hybrid. 

BASWA Protect

BASWA Protect

BASWA Protect was formulated for application on a finished BASWA Phon surface to protect from considerable contact with dirt or surface pollutants such as food or water. The Protect solution, once applied, will cause water, wine or other liquids to bead on its surface. 

Protect does not form a light reflective layer, color, or gloss on the surface. This clear, non-bridging solution creates a stain resistant surface with nominal influence on the acoustic characteristics. 

Learn more about BASWA Protect.

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