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Guidelines for Properly Sealing a Substrate Prior to BASWA System Installation

May 16, 2024

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Before the installation of a BASWA System, it is important to ensure the substrate has been properly sealed to avoid preventable dirt build up and discoloration. Air that passes through the finished system to the plenum attracts dust particles and the system may act as an air filter.

Follow these guidelines for a successful installation:

1.  Tape the Drywall.

Drywall substrates should be taped at level 1 drywall finishing on all existing joints.

2. Seal in Penetrations.

Using adhesive baked tape or drywall cement and tape, create a tight seal around all substrate penetrations.  

3. Begin the BASWA Installation.

After the inspection and approval of an acceptable substrate, BASWA Panels are now ready for installation.    

For additional technical support or installation guidelines, please contact us at 855.902.2792.

The image directly above is an example of an inappropriately sealed substrate resulting in particle build up on the surface of the system surrounding penetrations.

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