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Guidelines for Properly Patching BASWA Phon

May 16, 2024

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Properly repairing the BASWA Phon System ensures a monolithic surface appearance. The video above shows step by step how to patch the system. It is critical to follow the repair guidelines in order to not have negative impact on the function of the system. 


Properly repairing the BASWA Phon System ensures a monolithic surface appearance.

1. Identify the area of damage or imperfection.

2. Gather the tools needed for repair.
This includes:
  • BASWA tape or thin adhesive tape
  • Utility knife
  • Trowel
  • Japanese Spatula or Japanese Finish Trowel
  • BASWA Sanding Tool

3. Utilizing a utility knife and the BASWA Sanding Tool as a
straight edge, penetrate the surface just enough to
remove the damaged portion.

Be cautious to not cut any deeper than necessary.

Remove any loose material (keeping repair to a minimum
size) and keeping a crisp edge.

4. Using a trowel carefully carve out the area of repair.

5. Tape around the area that needs patching with the
adhesive tape.

6. Apply mixed BASWA material (either Base or Fine) fill
to the repair area.

Fill the area of damage with the proper finish material flush with
adhesive tape adjoining the repair.

7. Ensure the area of repair is level with the surrounding
area by sanding in with the BASWA Sanding Tool.

8. Once this patch is troweled down tightly with the proper
trowels remove the tape.

9. Trowel down a couple more times to blend the material
into the surrounding area.

For additional technical support or installation guidelines, please contact us at 855.902.2792.

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