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Freeze Protection Shipping Reminder & Considerations

May 16, 2024

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BASWA acoustic bucket materials and other wet goods may freeze if not shipped and stored properly at a minimum temperature of 40° F. For that reason, it is imperative to ship all winter orders with freeze protection.

Consider the following when ordering wet materials during the winter months:

1. Orders must be delivered by Friday.

As truck depots cannot guarantee a minimum temperature for weekend storage, orders must be delivered by Friday of the same week.

2. 3-day deliveries must be shipped early.

Three-day shipments must leave Monday or Tuesday to ensure same week delivery. Please note that the date of shipment is not counted in delivery time.

3. Weekend deliveries raise freight costs.

Weekend deliveries are not normally scheduled to keep customer shipping cost-effective. Weekend delivery can double the costs and may not be available for all delivery locations or job sites.


For additional technical support or installation guidelines, please contact us at 855.902.2792. 

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