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INFOGRAPHIC // Controlling noise at home to benefit family wellbeing

May 16, 2024

Photograph: The Vault House - Oxnard, CA

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In previous years, the acoustical treatment of the home was an afterthought, an underrated principle. Addressing excessive noise was not seen as important in comparison to home aesthetics, or even considered as a component of wellbeing. However, with ever growing research in the field of acoustics, people are placing an importance on creating an acoustical environment in their homes that will directly benefit health and wellbeing.

Research has shown that the recommended sound level to stimulate a peaceful, productive environment in the home should not exceed 40 dB, yet noises traveling into the home from outside sources (such as passing traffic, construction sites, etc.) and objects in our homes (such as a HVAC systems, vacuum cleaner, clothes washer and dryer, and many other household appliances) far exceed this limit. (1) By reducing your prolonged exposure to ambient and excessive sounds in your home you can reduce stress, improve sleep and prevent the impedance of speech and language development in your children.

The acoustical environment that you create in the varying spaces of your home each affect your family’s wellbeing in different ways. By mitigating excessive noise exposure in spaces where your family gathers, dines, works, learns, rests, and even the outdoors you can directly impact the way your family interacts for the better.

Learn more about how mitigating noise in the home directly benefits family wellbeing in the below infographic.

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