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Guidelines for Properly Batching BASWA Base & Fine Materials

May 6, 2020

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Properly batching BASWA bucket materials ensures uniform color of the finish application.

One jar of tint additive is to be mixed with one bucket of finish material in a tinted application. BASWA Colors Tint Additive is produced in 4,8, and 16 oz jars.


BASWA Batching

1. Add one jar of tint additive to each bucket of finish material.

Take care to remove all tint additive from the jar. This may require adding a small amount of water to the jar.

2. Using a mixing drill and clean paddle, thoroughly mix the jars of tint additive into each bucket of Base and/or Fine finish material.

3. Batch all Base bucket materials together and/or all Fine materials together.

This can be accomplished by using 3-4 clear buckets, adding in half of the contents from a color-mixed bucket and half of a different color-mixed bucket; and then mixing thoroughly. Continue this practice until all finish materials have been thoroughly mixed into each other and the color is consistent. DO NOT MIX MATERIALS WITH FINE MATERIALS.

For additional technical support or installation guidelines, please contact BASWA acoustic at or 855 902 2792.

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