The Importance of Acoustic Treatment in the Modern Home

BASWA sound absorbing acoustical plaster reduces reverberation time, providing a healthy environment to stimulate family life, learning, and overall health

How acoustics in your home are directly affecting your health, wellbeing, and comfort. 

In previous years, it could be said that the acoustical treatment of the home was an afterthought, an underrated principle. Acoustical materials were not seen as important in comparison to home aesthetics, or even considered as a component to home comfortability. However, with ever growing research in the field of acoustics directly related to human health and wellbeing, the importance of an optimum acoustical environment in our home has become more pertinent than ever before.

Research has shown that 30-35 dB is the recommended sound level to stimulate a peaceful, productive environment in the home, yet we are surrounded daily by objects in our home that far exceed this limit such as a vacuum cleaner, kitchen blender, clothes dryer, and many other household appliances. Prolonged exposure to ambient sounds such as these in the residence have been directly linked to dampened productivity, interference in child development, disruption of sleep, and the release of cortisol resulting in stress. So, what is the acoustical solution to this issue?

Using sound absorption technology, the reverberation within a room can be significantly reduced, therefore, creating a healthy acoustical environment within your home. Reverberation is the collection of reflected sounds within a room that causes present noise to be amplified, therefore creating an unhealthy, noisy environment, and making things important to family life, such as speech, inaudible.

BASWA acoustic sound absorbing plaster solves the issue of prolonged reverberation time, therefore providing a healthy environment to stimulate family life, learning, and overall health. Using BASWA acoustic sound absorbing plaster, spaces are made livable through the dampening of ambient noise. BASWA acoustic delivers premium acoustical environments, while also protecting the architecture of a space through the monolithic design of BASWA Phon. BASWA Phon systems has been seamlessly applied to spaces in a home, such as:

  • High humidity environments (such as pool areas)
  • Family rooms
  • Home theatre rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Studies/Home offices

BASWA Phon systems not only contribute to the sound of your home, but also the aesthetics. Guests within your home will immediately notice the acoustical difference in the residence, while being stunned by the indefectible design. BASWA Phon systems are customized to work seamlessly with any color and texture, to protect the design within your residence. In addition to complimenting aesthetics, this unique feature retains its value and function. Renowned actors, musicians, business leaders and politicians alike currently install acoustical treatment within their residence.

The use of BASWA acoustic plaster within the home is not only the solution to dampening noise, but essential to daily health and wellbeing in your home. BASWA Phon plaster protects not only the aesthetics and acoustics of your home, but most importantly, your health and wellbeing.

For more information about BASWA acoustic sound absorbing, monolithic, marble finishes, contact us.

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