BASWA Phon Maintains Environmental Sustainability

In addition to helping facilitate better communication through effective acoustical design, BASWA acoustic focuses much effort in maintaining its continued compliance with LEED guidelines and general environmental sustainability. As the impact of poor acoustics is recognized and understood by more researchers, medical professionals, and designers, acoustic guidelines continue to become defined by the ADA, NFPA and USGBC.

BASWA Systems consist of up to 95% Recycled Content, have no VOC's, US Made components, and offer high light reflectivity and high R-values.  Additonally, BASWA acoustic offers cleaners that are safe and environmentally friendly.

  • Pre-Coated Supporting Panels - 76% post-consumer recycled glass
  • Pre-Fill - 75% post-consumer recycled glass
  • Base 407 Coat - 95% pre-consumer recycled marble aggregate
  • Top Coat - 95% pre-consumer recycled marble aggregate

BASWA Phon US Manufacturing

BASWA Phon Panel Adhesive, Fine, and Base are manufactured in the US with US materials.

Learn more about BASWAphon and how it contributes to LEED projects.

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