BASWA acoustic Offers High Quality, Swiss Engineered Products

For more than 25 years BASWA acoustic has been developing and distributing materials that improve room acoustics. BASWA acoustic cares about the customer’s needs and is constantly engaged in new development.


Reverberation has an important impact on speech intelligibility, affecting safety, health, learning, and quality of life. By absorbing sound waves, BASWA Phon makes conversation clearer, even in harsh situations, by reducing reverberation time. BASWA Phon delivers premium acoustical environments to a variety of high end commercial, retail and residential spaces while protecting design aesthetic.

BASWA acoustic provides customers with a premium material backed by consistent, reliable service. BASWA Phon is continuously improved upon to ensure the smoothest, highest quality surface available with the highest NRC Ratings in the industry.


High frequency sound absorption is achieved by allowing sound wave energy to pass through the micro pores in the finished surface, thereafter, dissipating it into heat energy in the mineral wool. Low frequency sound absorption is accomplished when sound wave energy hits the finished surface, causing the “skin” to vibrate diaphragmatically against the mineral wool panel, creating a “spring” action. Again, this transforms sound energy into heat energy.


BASWA acoustic offers the same high performance sound absorbent materials for home applications. Thousands of clients worldwide already enjoy the added comfort and clean look of having BASWA Phon or other BASWA acoustic materials in their most important spaces.

Through innovation, BASWA acoustic provides a level of combined comfort and aesthetics, previously mutually exclusive. These materials are sourced locally when they can be, from the Greek Islands to the state of Georgia. Projects will range from Carnegie Hall to your home.


    +  THE ORIGINAL. BASWAphon is the original, most specified sound absorbing plaster system, with 25 years of installations.
    +  SEAMLESS, FLAT, CURVED, DOMED, AND VAULTED SURFACES. Can be applied to flat or complex surfaces.
    +  HIGHEST SOUND ABSORPTION. NRC Ratings of 1.00+, making it the most sound absorptive plaster on the market.
    +  TINTED TO MATCH ANY COLOR. No adverse effects on acoustical performance with uniform color.
    +  MADE IN THE USA. Swiss engineered components made in the US.
    +  GREAT IN HUMID ENVIRONMENTS. Perfect for spas, natatoriums or porte-cochères. All finishes rated 10 / 10, signifying no mold growth per the ASTM D 3273.
    +  DURABLE MARBLE FINISH. Coatings are made of a crushed marble aggregate. 
    +  FACTORY COATED & SANDED SUPPORTING PANEL. No onsite panel sanding. Panel will not separate or compress. Beveled panel edges require no taping or glue; no telegraphing seams.
    +  OVERNIGHT DRYING TIMES. Typical drying time between coats is overnight.
    +  LIGHT WEIGHT. Approximately 1.5 lbs per square foot.
    +  LEED CONTRIBUTION POINTS IN 9 CATEGORIES. Up to 95% recycled materials, SDS friendly, high light reflectance and a high R-value. No VOCs; compliant with the California Section 01350.
    +  FIELD APPLIED BY CERTIFIED, LOCAL INSTALLERS. Over 115 Local Independent Contractors have been trained on-site. Installation takes 4 to 5 days; no field measurements, no shop drawings.
    +  NO DRYWALL BLOCKING. Not required for light fixtures, diffusers or terminations.
    +  ACCESS PANELS. Trimless access panels up to 8’x 8’ available with BASWAphon Finish on the face.

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