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Premium, sound absorptive acoustical plaster finish supported by certified carpenters, tapers, and plasters.

The BASWA Certified Installers team is skillfully trained and closely supported to ensure the seamless integration of the BASWA System. BASWA certified and trained installers are supported by a technical team and continuous education developed to ensure the delivery of quality, high performing acoustical plaster systems.  

After careful consideration, certified installers are chosen based on location and proven craftsmanship. When a certified installer is added to the team, BASWA acoustic's dedicated technical support team trains the contractor on the job site through the installation process to ensure that the contractor has a thorough understanding of the product and process.

"As a full service Plastering Contractor that has installed the top acoustical plaster brands over 15 years, BASWA acoustic is the most responsive, diligent and supportive. We feel as though we are one big team." - Scott Angelini, Angelini Plastering, Inc.

The preferred acoustical plaster for skilled contractors. The BASWA Systems maintain a reputation in the industry as the most complete and consistently performing acoustical plaster system and are supported by the following benefits:

  • Pre-installation review of details and conditions. 
  • On-site technical troubleshooting 
  • Overnight Drying
  • Factory Coated & Sanded Panels
  • Trowel Friendly Coatings
  • Integrated Colors
  • No Seam Telegraphing
  • On-site Training
  • No Lead Time
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Friendly

BASWA acoustic certified installers are offered a consistent experience from project to project. Learn more about becoming a Certified Installer.

Additional Resources for Contractors and Installers

BASWA acoustic offers support during any project stage, from pre-installation review of details and conditions to on-site technical troubleshooting.

For technical support or installation guidelines, please contact BASWA acoustic at info@baswana.com or 855 902 2792.

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Installing the BASWA Phon Acoustical Plaster System

BASWA Contractors are highly skilled plasterers that are trained by BASWA's technical team on the appropriate steps for installation. The BASWA System's unique characteristics allow it to be seamlessly installed to any wall or ceiling, including flat, domed, and curved spaces.

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BASWA's network of certified installers is available throughout the world. Contact the installer in your project location.

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