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Our commitment to wellbeing and sustainability are unwavering. In line with these commitments, we have reformulated BASWA Phon and Fine to further improve on performance and sustainability. BASWA acoustic is committed to standardizing wellbeing in all space to benefit intentional human interaction and wellbeing. BASWA is continually researching and developing new products to exceed performance guidelines and sustainability standards. 

The New BASWA Phon

The all-new BASWA Phon panel has been re-engineered to further improve on performance and sustainability, without sacrificing the products original integrity. Through this reformulation, we are now offering a whiter panel, with improved acoustical properties. To adequately measure improvements, all systems have been retested for sound absorption, mold growth, and VOC content (and the results are great). You can request BASWA's latest technical data reflecting performance improvements below.

The New BASWA Fine

As we continually strive to improve on the BASWA System's performance, we've also reformulated the BASWA Fine finish. BASWA Fine is now non-water soluble, allowing for improved installation and performance in humid areas such as pools and natatoriums. Additionally, BASWA Fine is now even simpler for repairing, patching, and refinishing. You can request BASWA's latest technical data reflecting performance improvements below. 


Request the Latest Technical Data

To receive the latest technical data reflecting updated testing and performance, complete the form below. We're happy to share technical data and answer any questions you may have. 

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