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Guidelines for Properly Batching BASWA Base & Fine Materials

January 27, 2020

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Properly batching BASWA Base and/or Fine ensures consistent color and minimizes any possibility of a cloudy appearance of the final finish. This process is to be completed for applications specified with out-of-the-bucket natural white as well as BASWA Colors Tint Additive.

Follow these guidelines for a successful installation:

  1. Assess the area, edge to edge. All BASWA Base or Fine buckets required to cover a surface area edge to edge, are batched together. Assess the area to determine how many buckets of material are needed.
  2. Add water and tint. BASWA Base and Fine materials are shipped to the site premixed, but need to be thoroughly stirred with a mixing drill and a clean paddle with water until a desired consistency is reached on the same day it is to be installed. If specified, add one vial of BASWA Colors Tint Additive to each bucket.
  3. Batch. Batch all BASWA Base or Fine buckets to be used on the application area.
  4. Apply BASWA Base or Fine.

NOTE: After material is applied to supporting panel and gauged to proper thickness, the excess remaining on the trowel, called pull-off material, can be stored and reused in another area. It must be batched with new material at the beginning of the batching sequence and should not be reused until process is completed.

For additional technical support or installation guidelines, please contact us at 855.902.2792. 

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