Acoustical Plaster

What is Acoustic Plaster and how does it work?

BASWA Phon Sound Absorbing Plaster System, the Original Seamless Acoustical System

In any space an owner deems as important, there is no room for problematic echoes. The intended sound should be heard clearly and cleanly, the first time. Experiencing music or speech the way it was intended requires intentionally designed spaces. Spaces are often treated and tuned with the BASWA Sound Absorbing Plaster Systems to create more ideal acoustical environments. 

What is Acoustic Plaster?

Over 25 years ago, BASWA acoustic has engineered the BASWA Phon product to be the smoothest, most durable, and highest performing acoustical plaster, absorbing up to 100% of the sounds that come in contact with its surface. BASWA Phon finishes are made of marble, giving designers and owners a truly high end architectural finish. 

How does BASWA Phon compare with typical acoustic plasters? 

BASWA Phon offers the advantage of the following characteristics:
    +  Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) Ratings up to 1.00
    +  Seamless on ceilings and walls
    +  Applicable on Curves, Domes, and Vaults
    +  Light Weight
    +  Tintable to Match Any Requested Color
    +  Moisture and Mold Resistant, Perfect for Spas and Natatoriums
    +  Class A Fire Rating
    +  No VOC's, Up to 95% Recycled Content
    +  Swiss Engineered, American Made

How does BASWA Phon Work?

Where BASWA Phon really differs from typical plasters is high and low frequencies absorption. The BASWA Phon Sound Absorbing Plaster System allows high frequencies to filter through the invisibly porous marble finish, where the vibrations turn into heat energy when it meets the mineral wood panel. When low frequencies hit the BASWA Phon Finish, the surface vibrates like a diaphragm. These vibrations are then converted to heat energy as well. BASWA Phon has a noise reduction coefficient rating up to 1.00, unmet by other seamless products. This diffusing of extreme frequencies allows for clearer sounds in any room, hall, atrium, or auditorium.

BASWA Phon Is a Product Unparalleled In Quality

The beauty of a finish is just as important as the acoustic qualities. Where some acoustic plasters may come as a sprayed "popcorn" finish or  made of puncturable materials made of questionable integrity, BASWA Phon creates a smooth and seamless surface made of durable marble. BASWA Phon follows the contours of a room, curving across domes or across arched ceilings. BASWA Phon creates an elegant and effective environment for events, get-togethers and general purpose rooms.

In What Spaces Are Acoustic Plaster Used?

    +  Airports
    +  Auditoriums
    +  Ballrooms
    +  Boardrooms
    +  Broadcast Studios
    +  Churches
    +  Cinemas
    +  Classrooms
    +  Concert Halls
    +  Conference Rooms
    +  Courtrooms
    +  Financial Exchanges
    +  Historical Restorations
    +  Home Theaters
    +  Hospitals
    +  Learning Centers & Libraries
    +  Living Spaces
    +  Lobbies
    +  Museums
    +  Music Rehearsal Rooms
    +  Recording Studios
    +  Restaurants
    +  Spas and Natatoriums

BASWA Phon Matches Any Color without Sacrificing Quality. 

BASWA acoustic does not believe owners and designers should be limited in choices of finish colors. BASWA Phon can be matched to any color or multiple colors, tying the finished surfaces into the overall design aesthetic of the space. In no way does the color effect the sound quality of the BASWA Phon Sound Absorbing Plaster System, as these colors are integrally added to the product before application. This ensures there is no uneven coloring or painting strokes. Contact BASWA acoustic to find out more about color and how you can start planning your new finish.

When to Start Considering Acoustics

The Design Phase is the optimal time to start looking into how a space will perform acoustically.  Not accounting for acoustics at all is linked to many issues including:
    +  Affecting building occupants negatively, be it educationally, productive ability, or general discomfort;
    +  Unusable areas due to high reverberation;
    +  Possible liabilities to clients and designers.

If a designer has to go back to deal with the acoustics, additional issues may include:
    +  Negatively affected design intent and aesthetics;
    +  Higher acoustic solution costs;
    +  Needing to close the area for additional construction;.
    +  Additional liabilities to clients and designers.

An Experienced, American Company backed by trusted Swiss Engineered Products

BASWA acoustic has worked on prominent projects across the entire world, creating acoustically accurate spaces for residences, concert halls, auditoriums, restaurants, museums and more. BASWA acoustic North America is proud to be an American company that offers the only sound absorbing plaster system made in the USA. Take a look at completed projects and see how BASWA Phon Sound Absorbing Plaster System can transform your space.

Contact BASWA acoustic North America to find out more about the company or to find an installer in your area.

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